China Real Estate Regulation

Jan 7, 2014

Steel Structure Construction Don't Afraid of China Real Estate Regulation

At present, the steel structure construction have been widely used in the world, of the world's total 101 super-tall buildings, there's 59 buildings are made of pure steel structure, while 60% of high residence have adopted steel structure. Foreign experts believe that steel structure can protect the environment, save energy, which is a batch of "dark horse" in the 21st century real estate products.

The insiders study and point out, the advantages of steel structure building are outstanding, compared with America and Japan and other developed countries, steel structure in our country still has room to improve. As estimate, steel structure production compound growth rate will be over 15% within 15 years. In the short term, industry demand for the new factories, sports venues, opera and other public buildings, which will not be impacted by real estate regulation, and which will make the steel price to drop stably, the steel structure company may be benefited on the cost side.

Steel development has already embarked on a healthy development track, steel building construction applications shine in the world, from the recent years of 2008 Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest and the London Olympics London bowl, CCTV's main Architectural building, also, or years away from us closer to the Sydney Opera House, or is it the age-old Eiffel Tower, this series of world-famous buildings are used in steel structure, not only the structure is beautiful and practical, but also use a long time, prolonged not bad.
Steel structure building trend is coming.

Steel structure building is not uncommon in Beijing, such as ChangFuGong center, international hotel, international building, but steel structure residence is still very rare. But at the end of this year, Beijing's first steel structure housing project - Jin Chen apartment block B and C, will be uncovered the mysterious LIDS. According to experts, the steel structure housing has advantages of health, environmental protection, earthquake, and so on, which will become the future development trend of the housing in our country.