Descaling Method For Steel Structure

Nov 5, 2014

As we all known, steel structure material is not easy to be rust, it is fatal if the steel structure rust. It may lead to seriously consequence. There are many descaling method for steel structures. Such as manual descaling, sand or shot blasting, acid pickling and others.

Manual descaling is always in low efficiency and can not derusting throughly. It has an influence on the adhesion of the paint and the structure is easy to rust. Some light steel structures with small round bar and angle steel mostly adopt this descaling method. When you use the acid pickling, you should put the component into a pickling tank and remove the oil and rust at first. Keep its surface in gray iron and clean it clear after acid pickling.

Some people like to use sandblasting and shot peening to remove the rust. Make its surface clean up by sandblasting machine. Them it will exposed metal color. This descaling method can do more thoroughly than other method. At the same time, this method is in high efficiency. But the best method to move the rust is pickling phosphating.