Light Steel Structure Engineering

Oct 20, 2014

At present, light steel structure is developed quickly in China. Compared to the traditional reinforced concrete structure and ordinary steel structure, light steel structure has many advantages. Light weight is the significant features of light steel structure. Light steel structure is also in high degree of industrialization. Components of cold-formed steel, pressure plate, connecting pieces are automation. So it is always in high efficiency and good quality.

As we all known, light steel structure is in favor of environmental protection. This structure is belong to environmental protection and energy-saving materials. Workshop can be moved, materials can be recycled. Light steel construction in low level mainly use the solid web type or latticed frame structure system. Now there are industrial building, hangar, waiting room, terminal building, supermarkets, farmers market, catering and entertainment room, sports facilities and other light steel structure with low level in China.

Application scope of light steel structure is not limited to the house which is in small span, but it has been replaced part of ordinary steel structure. With the development of light steel structure, it can not only save the steel consumption, but also with strong seismic capacity. Certainly it also improve the comprehensive seismic performance of the whole house.