Reinforcement Technology Of Steel Structure Damage

Aug 21, 2014

If there are some damages in steel structure, we need solve problem in time. There are five factors that caused steel structure damage. Firstly, the load changed, the service extended, rules and regulations changed. Secondly, structure deformation,twist,disability or depression with various accidents. And it also section weaken, rod warping, connection cracking. Thirdly, component or connection deformation, cracking and warping which caused by temperature effects. Chemical corrosion make the section of steel structure weaken. Certainly, other illegal use and operation will lead to damage.

There are three reinforcement method to steel structure. They are section reinforcement, change the calculation diagram and prestressed cable method. Section reinforcement is using the steel to reinforcement in local or along the member length. The method of changing calculation diagram is that adding support, adjust load distribution,reduce stress levels, decrease the stress peak. Prestressed cable method is that strengthening weak links with high-strength cable or improving the whole structure bearing capacity, rigidity and stability.

Once the earthquake occurred, we must first maintain a clear, cool headed and determine shock condition promptly. Don’t jump off building in panic. This is very important. Besides you can hidden under solid furniture or corner. Certainly you can also transferred to the kitchen which has small hall and many load-bearing walls or even toilet. Because these places has strong combining power, especially the pipe has good support force after some treatment, and seismic coefficient is larger.