Steel Structure Instability And Corrosion

Sep 4, 2014

The important structures which are easy to occur load change adopt hyperstatic structure, such as bridge, truss, sluice gate and missile launchers. Because they have redundant bar which can prevent that a member instability cause the overall instability.

Steel structure instability can be divided into two categories. They are overall buckling and local buckling. The overall instability mostly caused by partial instability. When the compression part or bending parts of the slenderness ratio exceeds the allowable value, it will lose stability. Many objective factors will have effect on it, such as loading changes, initial defect of steel and different support. The support is often neglected by designers and constructors. It is also one reason to cause overall instability. Truss or bar stress may change, and even resulting in instability because of different hanging position. Scaffolding collapse, collapse or deformation are mostly caused by no support or link deficiency.

If instability is acute disease, corrosion will be a chronic disease. Anti corrosion performance of ordinary steel is bad, especially for staying in the environment which has high humidity and corrosive medium. Because it usually will be rust and corrosion quickly.