Steel Structure entered a phase of rapid development and Broad development space

Dec 20, 2013

Construction steel Structure refers to steel plates and hot-rolled, cold-formed or welded sections connected together via a connecting member can withstand the load, the load transfer structure. As a relatively new industry, since the late 1980s, steel structure is widely used in the construction field. 90 years later, with the economic development of steel structure industry technology and capacity increase, high-rise buildings, stadiums, airport terminals and other buildings gradually increased, Steel buildings entered a rapid development period.

Steel building construction is made of steel-based structural engineering, is a modern main building structure types.

Steel structure is mainly used for load-bearing skeleton of heavy-duty workshop, dynamic loads in the plant structure, shell structure, towering television tower and mast structure, bridges and warehouses and other large span structures, high-rise and high-rise buildings.

Steel structure industry is currently no uniform industry classification standard, according to the usual classification, generally considered steel structure industries, including space steel, high-rise heavy steel structure, light steel structure, residential steel buildings, steel - concrete composite structure of five major areas.

Steel construction, compared with conventional construction methods, with high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, short construction period, high degree of industrialization, environmental pollution and other advantages. Because of the many advantages of steel buildings, steel structures developed countries accounted for the proportion of total construction steel consumption is generally above 40%, construction projects in the United States, accounting for 51% of steel, concrete structure 49%, about 70% of the Non-residential and 2 layer and below the building, are using light steel frame system. In Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other places, the total construction steel consumption has accounted for over 40% of the amount of steel.

Steel production based structure is one of the main building structure type. The steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, stiffness, and it is used in the construction of large span and ultra-high, especially suitable for super-heavy buildings.

Recently, the general office of housing and urban-rural development, general office of the ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued "Notice for further completes the promotion and the application of high strength steel work" (hereinafter referred to "Notice"), will carry out nationwide supervision and spot checks of the application of l high strength steel in the fourth quarter of this year.

At present China's steel output accounted for about 4% of total production of crude steel, construction steel accounted for about 10% of the total construction steel, compared with foreign countries there is still much room for development. Accordance with the "steel industry" Eleventh Five-Year Plan "proposal" in the target, in 2010 steel production planned to reach 10% of the country's steel production, for now, on schedule to achieve "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" goal is to have difficulty. On the one hand due to excessive growth of steel production in recent years, leading to the low proportion of steel; the other hand, and too few of large steel companies, the slow development of the industry related. We assume that in 2015 the country's crude steel production reached 700 million tons, crude steel production accounted for 8% and if this goal can be achieved, then the next few years, steel production compound growth rate will reach 16%.

Competition from the industry point of view, the field of light steel lower barriers to entry, competition is relatively intense, present, there are more than 3,000 qualified steel companies, basically all have light steel construction capabilities; while heavy steel and steel industries due to technical space and construction threshold is higher, a higher degree of industry concentration, competition in the industry is relatively flat, the main competitors in the industry, the top 10 focused around the enterprise.