Surface Treatment Of Steel Structure

Apr 9, 2014

Steel structure has the advantages of high strength,good toughness,making convenient,fast construction speed,short construction period and a series of advantages. It is increasing in the architectural engineering. But steel structure is also has the disadvantage of easy corrosion. It is not only causing economic loss,but also  affect the safety of structure directly. So it is important economic and social significance to done the work of anticorrosive well. The corrosion decreases the effective surface, bearing capacity,and also affect durability of steel structure seriously. According to the principle of steel and environmental medium,corrosion is divided into two kinds, chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Chemical corrosion means that the steel produce chemical reaction directly with  oxygen gas, air or exhaust gas carbonic acid gas,acid gas and other gases and produce corrosion. Steel corrosion in the air is result in electrochemical corrosion and chemical corrosion.
  At present,at home and abroad mainly uses the coating method to anticorrosive in order to reduce or prevent the corrosion of steel structure. It use the paint coating to make the steel structure isolated from the environment and prolong its life. It is important to keep the film with steel surface tightly sticking to play the antiseptic effect of coating. If there are rust, grease, dirt and other foreign matter between the the substrate and the film, it will accelerated corrosion. So it is necessary to control the roughness of steel surface before painting.