The Form And Characteristics Of Purlin

Jun 6, 2014

Steel structure manufacturer is generally divided into ordinary steel structure manufacturer and light steel structure manufacturer. There is no obvious boundaries between them. The rules are the same. Generally speaking, light steel structure is in small structure load and structure member. The components structure with thin wall is usually regard the portal frame, roof truss and truss as the main load-bearing structure. Due to the small loading of light steel structure,  internal force generated by Effect of structure is always smaller. So the structure strength is not a problem. The stiffness of the structure is also decreased with small component sections and section moment of inertia. The overall and local stability of structure have became the mainly problem in design. This is just the light steel structure own characteristic. We can take measures such as increasing support and bracing to meet the slenderness ratio of the rod.
The structure of the portal frame light house is generally composed by the main skeleton and a supporting system. The main skeleton includes portal frame, frame wall and purlin. The supporting system consists of vertical support between rigid frame column, level of support between frame beam, rigid tied bar and brace, knee brace. The load to the portal frame usually includes vertical and horizontal loads and seismic loads. The weight of light steel structure is light, so the reaction to the quake is also lighter.