The application value of steel structure

Dec 24, 2013

Steel structure with light weight, high strength, fast construction and other special advantages, so the high-level, large span, especially high-rise, large span steel structure is ideal. High-rise and high-rise steel structure, due to human cultural life continues to increase, senior, large span buildings will increasingly high requirements.

Recently years, the big seize steel structure enterprises in the construction of major domestic steel buildings at the same time, by virtue of corporate experience in the field of steel structure technology and strength, and actively explore the international market, for the development of steel industry in China ushered in a new land.
In the same period, China's development in this area is relatively slow, the level is relatively backward. In recent years, as China's reform and opening up and promote the implementation of the policy, China's construction work has made rapid progress. During this period, China's steel production became the first in the world. Steel Building Construction Steel proportion of total steel production in recent decades, the former Soviet Union, the USA, Japan, the three countries has been the world steel output ranked the top three countries, the steel output ranked first in the world turns . In order to promote the further development of China's construction steel structure, we need to understand the application of foreign construction steel profiles. In China, the steel is mainly used in the building construction steel, reinforced concrete, steel, steel cable, wire, doors and windows, steel structure steel which accounts for only about 10%, in our one hundred million tons of steel production in the and truly on for steel also 200 to 300 tons. Such as the U.S. and Japan, the indicators have been over 50%. Steel works in several countries construction steel construction boom.

The steel structure is homogeneous and isotropic, ideal elastomer, the most in line with the basic assumptions of the general engineering mechanics; material ductility, toughness, and may have a larger deformation, can well withstand dynamic loads; short construction period; high industrialization degree, can be a high degree of mechanization of specialized production.

China's steel industry with 20 years of development, from nonexistence to pass into existence , from the simple to the complex, from the introduction of foreign advanced technology and ideas to the digestion and absorption applications, has accumulated a wealth of experience, with various types of steel fabrication technologies, processes , and has a group of professional technical and management personnel.

Steel structure has characteristics of processing high precision, high efficiency and good tightness, it can be used in the construction of the gas tank, oil tank and transformer.

The so-called low-rise building is a story below 18m, layers of not more than five layers of industrial plants, warehouses, offices and other offices and community buildings, of which the following two non-residential building construction accounted for 70%. In the United States, low-rise building in the use of steel is still very common. American Institute of Steel and Metal Building Manufacturers Association (AISC and MBMA) jointly prepared by low-rise building design guidelines. Low-rise, multi-story building of steel and light steel structure, metal building America's major markets: industrial (production plants, warehouses and ancillary facilities, etc.), commercial (shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls, office buildings, etc.), community ( private and public buildings such as community centers and schools, museum, library, churches, etc.), and integration aspects, respectively, accounted for 46%, 31%, 14% and 9% share.

However, China's export volume of steel structures are not many others in the international market share is not high share, which is the status of China's steel manufacturing country do not match.

Light steel structure modular housing  is divided into different types according to structural plate structure, frame support structure, frame structure and a box unit structure.

Steel has a light weight, short construction period, adaptable, beautiful appearance, low cost, easy maintenance. Light steel buildings in some developed countries has been widely used in factories, warehouses, stadiums, exhibition halls, supermarkets and other buildings. Refers to the so-called light steel color plate as roof and wall, in order to make thin-walled steel purlins and ring beam to weld "H-shaped cross section shots and beams, bolted or welded splice site of the door frame as the main structure of a kind of construction, together with parts, fasteners, doors and windows form a relatively complete building system, namely light steel structure system This system produced by the factory, on-site assembly required form.