Factory steel buildings

  • Projects: Shuangyi Customs Declaration Building, 7118 SQM
Factory steel buildings
1. low cost.
2. flexible design
3. convenience to transport
4. easy to assemble and disassemble
5. can use more than 50 years

Factory steel buildings is of light steel structure,constituted by the main steel framework , purlin,color roof tile,color wall tile and other components, the size and layout of the house can be designed as per customer's requirement ,the steel framework is constitute of H-section steel column and H-section steel beam,connected by the high-strength bolts ,so it can be easily assembled and disassembled, it is very convenience for the using and transportation,not only have a nice appearance, but also  economical and enviorment protection, prefabricated house can widely be used in industrial workshop , warehouse,and large factories and so on.

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